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TeamPlan, your webbased volunteer planner

Scheduling occasional workers? With TeamPlan you can do it fast and good.
This online tool is specially designed to make it easy to plan and communicate with your employees. This way you get everybody on the same page and prevent stress and chaos.

Make it yourself easy and get started
Scheduling in just 7 steps

Who is TeamPlan made for?

Cultural houses & centres

TeamPlan is a handy tool for museums, cultural houses & centres that rely on volunteers or occassional workers for their events or other tasks.

Make it yourself easy and get started
Scheduling in just 7 steps

What do others think
about TeamPlan.

"TeamPlan provides us a clear overview and works as an extensive database of our employees. It's easy to work from one platform."
Elske Vos,

What do others think
about TeamPlan.

"TeamPlan allows us to communicate quickly and in time to our volunteers which task they have to do on which day and from what time to what time. So it is actually a planning and communication tool that offers far more possibilities than Excel. "
Marion Buckens,
De Grote Post, cultuurcentrum Oostende

What do others think
about TeamPlan.

"Teamplan is an accomplice in the process of planning guides for the guided tours in M-Museum Leuven (Belgium). For the external guides, Teamplan is the online platform and reference to check their appointments with the visitors of our museum."
Museum M,
museum Leuven

What do others think
about TeamPlan.

"Teamplan is an easy and efficient tool that allows us to fill a busy and flexible shiftsplanning and communicate to our extensive crew of volunteers!"
Trix Antwerpen,
Matti Willems - vrijwilligerscoördinator
Fotograaf (c) Sarah Bastin

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How does TeamPlan work?

Simple, follow the 7 steps and done!
Register the (occasional) workers or volunteers
Register the (occasional) workers or volunteers

1. Register the (occasional) workers or volunteers

The planner registers the occasional workers in TeamPlan. In addition, the employee can do this himself via an online form. For each employee his or her preferences and experiences are also registered.

Register the (occasional) workers or volunteers
Define all tasks

2. Define all tasks

The planner defines the tasks (possibly linked with YesPlan).


3. Availability

The volunteers / workers provide their availability online for the events, tasks or dayparts.


4. Schedule

The planner schedules the employees according to their availability, preference and experience.


5. Confirmation

The employee confirms his assigned tasks.

Planning and communication
Planning and communication

6. Planning and communication

The planner prepares the planning for a certain period or a specific event and sends the final worklist to the employees. This can be done via pdf and/or directly in the agenda of the employee via an iCalendar feed.

Time tracking
Time tracking

7. Time tracking

After performing the task(s), the employee fills in his timesheet on which the planner can base himself for calculating any remunerations.

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Integrated with YesPlan


TeamPlan is an online planning tool, developed by Encima. Encima builds websites and mobile applications for organizations in the cultural and tourism sector. YesPlan provides software for planning events.

TeamPlan is the link between YesPlan and occasional workers / volunteers.

TeamPlan is the link between YesPlan and occasional workers / volunteers that behaves like an add-on module that allows occasional worker to be scheduled at events defined in YesPlan, and provides a simple and smooth way to communicate. This allows an organization to manage its entire planning calendar even more efficiently - up to and including scheduling occasional workers. linking and synchronizing data is easy.

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Choose your TeamPlan subscription

TeamPlan is available in 2 subscriptions: an annual subscription for daily use or a 4 month subscription for a single event.
Both subscriptions offer you the same reliable and user-friendly services.

  • fully web-based
  • simple and quick set-up
  • Unlimited number of users
  • multilingual
  • clear manual
  • handy communication tool
  • limited setup fee

Choose between 2 subscriptions


€ 150/month for a permanent operation

4 months

€ 850 / year for an anual event

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